Harden Foundation - Guide for Submitting Applications

Matching Grant Information

Please note that any outstanding reports are due before any checks for matching funds will be issued.

To Receive Matching Funds

Recipients of matching grants are required to provide documentation of any eligible third-party contributions. In kind, property, or any other non-cash contributions are not eligible as matching contributions.

Eligible Matching Funds

• Individuals
• Corporations
• Companies
• Foundations
• Fundraising Events
• Government Agencies
• Special Events


Documentation needed in order to receive a check from the Harden Foundation:
1. Donor’s Name or Specify (if donor wishes to remain anonymous)
2. Date $$ received
3. Amount $$ received

Time Frame

Recipients of matching grants must provide documentation within the time frame outlined below. Contributions must be received on or after the grant award date. (See example below).

You have until the deadline outlined to provide documentation of eligible contributions you have received. After the “Last Date to Submit documentation” has passed, the payment of matching funds will terminate and any remaining balance left of the matching grant will not be paid. For example:

Matching Grant was Awarded on this date:

Late Date to Receive Eligible Matching Contributions:

January 20, 2015

January 20, 2016

Send documentation to

Harden Foundation
P.O. Box 779
Salinas, CA 93902

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