Harden Foundation F.A.Q.

Types of Funding Available

Q: What are the Harden Foundation’s areas of giving?
A: The Harden Foundation’s areas of giving are: Children, Youth & Families, Senior Citizens Health; Agricultural Education; Animal Welfare and Environment; and Arts & Culture.

Q: What kinds of projects will the Harden Foundation consider?
A: The Foundation will consider capital projects, programs, and operating support.

Q: Will the Harden Foundation provide core-operating support?
A: Yes, the Harden Foundation will consider core operating support not to exceed one-third of the operating budget except for start-up funds.

Q: Will the Foundation support capital expenses for “bricks & mortar”?
A: Yes, the Harden Foundation may support capital funding for the purchase, construction or renovation of facilities or other physical infrastructure. The purpose of the capital project must be to support the broader goals of the organization.

Q: Will the Harden Foundation support capital expenses for equipment?
A: Requests to purchase equipment for a program or organization will be considered if there is a demonstrated link between the equipment and the project or the proposed activities of the organization.

Q: What types of funding will not be provided by the Harden Foundation?
A: The Harden Foundation does NOT make grants for the following:
Organizations that do not have a current 501©3 status
Organizations that support sectarian religious programs
Annual events, conferences, or fundraising events
Academic or medical research or scholarships to individuals
Political parties, candidates or partisan political organizations or activities
Organizations that do not provide services in Monterey County
The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals from public or private institutions of primary, secondary or higher education. However, grant proposals from public institutions will be considered for special projects, which are agriculture related.

Q: Will the Harden Foundation make multi-year grants?
A: At this time, the Harden Foundation only makes one-year grants, except under special circumstances.


Q: Who can apply?
A: We award grants to tax-exempt organizations classified as 501©(3) nonprofit organizations, public charities as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. We provide grants only to organizations who provide services to Monterey County residents. Please review our Grant Guidelines for more specific information on organization eligibility and program relevance.

Q: Can we still submit a grant application if our organization does not have its 501©(3) but has applied for it?
A: The Foundation can only provide support to nonprofit organizations that have been officially designated as a 501©(3) by the IRS.

Q. Can I use a fiscal sponsor to submit a grant application?
A. No. Only organizations who are officially designated as a 501©3 by the IRS can apply.

Q: I am an individual, am I eligible to receive funding?
A: No. The Harden Foundation only makes grants to 501©3 nonprofit organizations.

Q: Can funding be provided for organizations from outside of Monterey County?
A: The Harden Foundation will only consider applications from organizations in Monterey County or organizations that serve Monterey County residents.

Application and Review Process

Q: What are the deadlines for submitting a grant application?
A: We have two deadlines per year: March 1 and September 1.

Q: How do I apply for a grant?
A: Review the grant guidelines and materials. If your organization is eligible, complete the Monterey County Area Grantmakers Common Grant Application (CGA) and include the necessary attachments. Use 8 ˝ x 11 white paper only. Print your application single-sided. Do not bind your application or put your application in a presentation folder. Please send one copy of the complete grant application package. Faxed applications are not accepted.
You can download the Grant application Guidelines and Common Grant Application Form from our website: www.hardenfoundation.org or call to obtain the forms (831-442-3005). Applicants are required to use the Common Grant Application each time they are applying for a grant.

Q: Can I submit my application by fax or e-mail?
A: You may e-mail your application materials, either as a Word document or scanned PDF document to: grants@hardenfoundation.org. For applications submitted by e-mail in Word format, a copy of the signed Common Grant Application Form (page 6 of the Monterey County Area Grantmakers Common Grant Application) should be mailed to the Foundation. Faxed applications are not accepted.

Q: How much can I apply for?
A: Grant requests should not exceed $100,000, however, historically the average grant request has been approximately $25,000.

Q: How will I know my application has been received?
A: Receipt of all applications is acknowledged by postcard within approximately two weeks. Please contact our office at 831-442-3005 if you have not received a notification after this time period.

Q: What is the review and selection process:
A: Applications are accepted for review two times per calendar year. The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of all applications via postcard. Foundation staff meet to review each application and reviews each application on its own merits to determine if the proposal is a fit with the Foundation’s goals. If an application does not meet the criteria of the Foundation, the applicant will be notified within 2 weeks. Applicants should expect 120-140 days for grant application review and determination of any funding.

Q: Will the Harden Foundation request any additional information or conduct an interview or site visit as part of the review process:
A: As part of the review process, a representative of the Foundation may contact your organization for additional information and/or to schedule a site visit. A site visit by the Foundation staff does not guarantee funding approval.

Q: If an organization applies to the Harden Foundation and is denied, can the application be revised and resubmitted?
A: No. If an application is denied, the organization must wait for the following calendar year to resubmit a proposal.

Q: What are the responsibilities if our organization receives a grant?
A: If the grant application is approved for funding, the Foundation will send a Grant Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant, which must be signed by an authorized official of the grantee and returned to the foundation. The recipient of any grant must use the funds awarded for the specific purposed of the original intent. The Foundation requires detailed accounting of all funds awarded as part of the Grantee Report that must be submitted one year from receipt of the grant.

Q: If our program or funding results change after we receive a grant, can we request a revised use for our grant funds?
A: Funds not used in the manner specified in the Grant Agreement must be returned to the Foundation or be approved for reallocation by the Foundation. Any requests for a revision in use of funds must be submitted in writing to the Foundation and in turn receive written approval.

Q: If we receive a matching grant, how long do we have to raise the matching funds?
A: Normally, matching funds must be matched one year from the award date. If you are unable to match funds within this timeframe, you must submit a written request for an extension and receive written approval of this extension.

Q: Can anyone at the Harden Foundation help me with writing a grant application?
A: We do not provide assistance with writing grant applications.

Q: Where do I send a completed grant application?
A: Applications can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 779
Salinas, CA 93902

emailed to: grants@hardenfoundation.org

or dropped off at our office:
Harden Foundation
1636 Ercia Street
Salinas, CA 93906

Please call 831-442-3005 before coming to the office to ensure someone is present to accept your grant application.

Q: Can we apply for a new grant if our organization received a grant from the Harden Foundation last year?
A: Yes, each eligible organization can submit one grant application in a calendar year. Please note that we require that organizations submit a completed Grantee Report for any grants previously awarded by the Foundation before a new grant is awarded. Grantee Reports are due within one year of the grant’s award date.

Q: How long does it take once a grant application is submitted to go through the approval process and for us to receive funding?
A: After a complete (all submitted materials are current and complete) grant application is received, the Foundation staff will review it. As a result of the initial review, a request for additional information from your organization may be required. Site visits will occur after a grant application is determined to be complete. A site visit by the Foundation staff does not guarantee funding approval. Applicants should expect approximately 120 days for grant application review and determination of any funding. If a grant application clearly does not meet the criteria of the Foundation, the applicant will be notified promptly.

Q: Can you refer me to anyone else for funding?
A: A good resource for local funders is the Community Foundation for Monterey County. You may reach them at 831-375-9712 or their website at: www.cfmco.org.

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